Dr. Steve Wexler, Optometrist ( En Español, de abajo)

October 31, 2023

Dr. Steve Wexler is NOT examining patients at this time.  Please read below:

to the temporary website of Dr. Steve Wexler -Optometrist, who has served the community of Gurnee, North Chicago, Zion, Winthrop Harbor, Lake Bluff communities for over 17 years.  Dr. Wexler has left the practice at the address of 3900 Fountain Square place in Waukegan and temporarily is NOT EXAMINING PATIENTS

In the meantime, if you are in need for a routine examination for glasses or contact lenses, an examination as a school requirement,  or if you are experiencing eye discomfort, whether it be symptoms of burning, itching or watering or redness, inflammation in or around the eye(s) or lid(s), light sensitivity, or other such signs or symptoms please contact a local optometrist in your area.  If you have experienced an injury to your eye, a foreign body in the eye, moderate to severe loss of vision, or any severe medical eye emergency, you can also contact your local ophthalmologist (eye MD or eye physician).  Please note, this website does not provide medical advice beyond what was explained above. 

Dr. Wexler will be serving patients at a different entity eventually and detailed information will be shared on this site when it becomes available.

If you are a patient of Dr. Wexler and have a question, please contact us at (224) 237-8935.  If you leave a message on our secure voice mail, include your name and best call back number.   Do not include your date of birth or health information.  Our response time may vary between 24-72 hours.   You can also email us at [email protected] to ask us to contact you back.  Documents and correspondence can also be mailed to: Steve Wexler, OD/ Goodworks Eyecare, LTD,  P.O. Box 8622, Gurnee, IL 60031.


(En Español)

31 de Octubre, 2023

Bienvenido al pagina web temporal del Dr. Steve Wexler, que ha servido a la comunidad de Gurnee, North Chicago, Zion, Winthrop Harbor, Lake Bluff durante más de 17 años. El Dr. Wexler dejó el consultorio en la dirección de 3900 Fountain Square Place en Waukegan y temporalmente NO ESTA EXAMINANDO PACIENTES. Sin embargo, el Dr. Wexler atenderá a los pacientes en una entidad diferente en los próximos meses y se compartirá información detallada en este sitio tan pronto como esté disponible.

Mientras tanto, si necesita un examen de rutina para anteojos o lentes de contacto, un examen como requisito escolar, o si siente molestias en los ojos, ya sean síntomas de ardor, picazón o lagrimeo o enrojecimiento, inflamación o alrededor de los ojos o los párpados, sensibilidad a la luz u otros signos o síntomas similares, comuníquese con un optometrista local en su área. Si ha sufrido una lesión en el ojo, un cuerpo extraño en el ojo, una pérdida de visión de moderada a grave o cualquier emergencia ocular grave, también puede comunicarse con su oftalmólogo local (médico de los ojos o oftalmólogo). Tenga en cuenta que este sitio web no proporciona asesoramiento médico más allá de lo explicado anteriormente.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, puede llamar 224-237-8935 y deje su nombre y numero de teléfono.  No incluya su fecha de nacimiento ni ningún detalles de salud.  Nuestro tiempo de respuesta puede variar entre 24-72 horas. También puede enviarnos un correo electrónico a [email protected] para pedirnos que nos comuniquemos con usted. Limite su información con solo el mejor número de teléfono de devolución.Los documentos y la correspondencia también se pueden enviar por correo a:

Steve Wexler, OD/ Goodworks Eyecare, LTD
P.O. Box 8622
Gurnee, IL 60031

Meet The Optometrist

  • Dr.
    Steve Wexler

    received his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1992. His Externship training involved complex examination, studies and treatment of children and teens who had multifaceted visual-cognitive disabilities at the Marchman Rehabilitation Center in Chicago. Also, Dr. Wexler completed a secondary Externship at the Minneapolis Society for the Blind where comprehensive assessments of patients with partial sight were performed and optical devices were prescribed to suit their needs, lifestyles and daily living activities. His field experience includes: -Sports vision assessment for Junior Olympic Teams through with AOA doctors -Served on Board of optometric advisors for laser vision company -Received LASIK surgery in 1998 -Served as Examiner for National Board of Examiners in Optometry -Associate doctor for refractive surgeon -Private practice associate -Provider for the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board -Examined and treated over 140,000 patients His volunteer experience -Started eye care mission program to Duchity Haiti 2003 -Eye care mission team member to Ponte Sonde Haiti 2003 -Served local shelters for eye examinations and fitting glasses. His hobbies include playing guitar and drumming, landscaping, home projects, e-biking, and learning Spanish.

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What Patients are Saying

  • "Very professional!"
    Alejandra M
  • "Thank Dr. Steve for the education he gave me on the eyeballs. Showed me things I never knew and helped me to understand that these are precious parts of our body that are really important. Thank again. Happy holidays to you and your family"
    Darryl H
  • "Dr. Wexler was friendly, professional, and informative. Truly the best vision exam visit I've had. Thank you!"
    Nidia A
  • "Amazing listener, very friendly, and prescribed me the right contacts lenses for my vision. I am above and beyond satisfied with the service he has provided. Thanks Dr.Steve!!"
    Shan I
  • "Staff was professional and got me an appointment same day. Eye exam was excellent and thorough. Dr. Wexler takes the time to sit down and explain what he is seeing in layman's terms."
    Joe G
  • "Made the switch to going here myself after my partner had a very good experience. Very kind and informative, and the best eye doctor I've been to. Glad he is serving this community."
    Mark R
  • "Fantastic gentleman, very professional, and explains everything in great detail. He listens to your questions and concerns and responds with great care! I always leave my appointments with a smile!"
    Jennifer A
  • "Dr. Wexler was thorough. Even though I was confused about my vision, he wasn't confused. He's a nice person and I feel confident with him."
    Barbara B.
  • "My exam was really thorough and it was pleasant. Dr. Wexler gave me a nice run down of all my options. The experience was very good."
    Rich K.
  • "Dr. Wexler took the time to fit me with lenses that worked and were reasonably priced along with lens rebates."
    Ralph S.
  • ""I finally learned more about my own eyes from him in like 15 minutes than I knew in about 20 years. And my headaches are gone!""
    Rafael M.
  • ""Don't change anything. You guys are perfect."
    Rebecca M."
    Rebecca M.

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